Plenary Lectures

Kim van Tittelboom

Kim Van Tittelboom

On the micro- and meso-structure and durability of 3D printed concrete elements

Megan Kreiger

Ena Lloret Fritschi

The Promise of Digital with Concrete

Aleksandra Radlińska

Aleksandra Radlinska

3D Printing in Extreme Environments

Yamei Zhang | 张亚梅

Yamei Zhang1

3D Printing with UHPC and its applications

Rob Wolfs

Rob Wolfs

On-Line and In-Line Quality Assessment across all Scale Levels of 3D Concrete Printing

Harald Kloft

Harald Kloft

The interaction of material, process and form in DFC

Richard Buswell

From Digital Crafting to Digital Manufacturing: automated production using hybrid 3D concrete printing

Main Lectures

Kathrin Dörfler

Kathrin Dörfler


Arnaud Perrot

Clay, gypsum, Magnesium-based cements as binder alternatives in 3D Concrete printing

Freek Bos

Freek Bos

Testing mechanical properties of 3D-printed concrete: RILEM 304-ADC Interlaboratory Study